Transforming A Dull Kitchen Into A Warm And Inviting Space

The kitchen being the hub of your home, there is usually a constant stream of people going in and coming out of it. After all, people customarily gather around where the drinks and food can be found. This normally forces a lot of homeowners to consider updating the layout of their kitchens so as to accommodate their growing family. The kitchen might also have started to look a little tired, and hence requiring some revamping. By knowing what you want, you can change a dull, boring kitchen design into a masterpiece. Here are two kitchen design options you might want to consider.

The concept of an open-plan kitchen diner

For kitchens that are large enough to have a dining section within the space, an open-plan kitchen diner is the way to go. This is a contemporary kitchen idea for most homes that have moved away from utilizing separate dining rooms to eat on a daily basis. For this layout to work, make sure to have enough seating, particularly if you have a large family that is prone to gathering and enjoying mealtimes as a way of catching up on the day’s events. There are numerous online sources where you can draw inspiration and decide on which specific finishes or styles would work great for your kitchen space and color scheme.

Why opt for open-plan kitchen diner?


This kind of a kitchen layout encourages everyone to hang around after dinner for ample catching up time. Not only does it provide a great family-friendly solution, it is also an attractive layout design for potential homebuyers. This simply means it potentially adds value to your home. To make your cooking space even more inviting and warm, make a point of opting for more welcoming color schemes.

Color scheme

Your kitchen’s design is quite important, however, it needs to help you cook and socialize with ease by making the best use of the available space. But to get the feel and look that is just perfect for your personal preferences, expert kitchen designers recommend selecting your color scheme with care. Let’s explore some color schemes you might want to consider for your kitchen.


Yellow is a good color scheme to opt for as it offers an instant uplift. It has the abilities to make even the smallest and dull room to appear sunnier. It also works great when used on the back walls behind the shelving.

Red and orange

Orange and red are classic worm colors and have a capacity to make your kitchen feel and look warmer and inviting. Red is a bold choice for people looking for a color that can stimulate appetite. For a country kitchen style, consider lighter shaded hues or those that are not so overwhelming.

Brown shades

Brown shades are for people looking to keep their kitchens a little more neutral. They are both warm and cozy, meaning they give your space a more welcoming appeal. In this case, you might want to consider brown shades such as coffee or chocolate with contrasting neutral hues such as creamy white, which might be how your cabinets or work benches can be finished.

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