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Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Alan Dinsmoor Contracting Services is a manufacturer of kitchen cabinets located in Middlebury, CT. We build kitchen cabinets from our very own designs created for customers with specific requirements. Custom built will always be the best choice for long lasting, well built cabinetry.

Cabinets are primarily used in the kitchen but have also made their way to bathrooms, utility rooms, bedrooms, hallways, garages, basements, etc.  A custom cabinet manufacturer will build the cabinet to suite the many needs the cabinet is required to do.

Kitchen cabinets have many functions and are expected to last through many years of use, wear & tear. We always build our cabinets with quality and strength. They are designed to last a lifetime without failing.

Your cabinets will be built with many different options, colors, designs & sizes. If you’re planning on new appliances for your kitchen remodeling project, there’s a good chance the new cabinets are going to need to be able to accommodate these new appliances. Nothing is more inviting to the eye than a great looking kitchen that is as well designed as it is functional.

Many box stores sell cabinetry for kitchens. However, the key to a successful kitchen remodeling project is not only getting a great cabinet, but finding a good contractor that  is capable of installing the cabinets correctly. Most box stores sell their cabinetry out of cardboard boxes delivered to your home. Everything you need to assemble your kitchen is inside all those boxes. Many times, those boxes are damaged from deliveries. The company is all too willing to replace them (but only at a 2 week delay to your project).

Many times,  when an kitchen installer is trying to install all the parts, they lack the knowledge to completely finish the project. Crown moldings do not attach themselves to the cabinets. They must be nailed in place with precision nail guns with the proper nail fasteners  and your contractor must have the skills and knowledge to repair all those nail holes. Maybe there was some damage during installation that needs repairing. Many homes are not level or straight. The installer has a huge job ahead of him if he’s going to deliver a perfect kitchen for you.

Many times during a kitchen remodeling, the project will require changes for unseen problems. All problems can be rectified, but at a cost of time & money. Delays are a common problem in kitchen renovations. It’s how the contractor handles them that is important. When you hire a contractor that custom builds their own line of cabinetry, the problems become quite a bit easier to deal with. We simply run back to our shop and build or manufacture the cabinet or parts needed! We have all the finishing techniques, so that any problems that may arise are quickly rectified. It could mean waiting a day or two versus a week or two from one of our competitors. A custom cabinet maker who provides their own plans, detail data, and installations will always be your best option for kitchen cabinetry choice.

Most times, traditional custom built cabinetry is competitively priced with the larger box stores. Most importantly, traditional custom built cabinetry will always outperform the large box store’s product & quality!

Transforming A Dull Kitchen Into A Warm And Inviting Space

The kitchen being the hub of your home, there is usually a constant stream of people going in and coming out of it. After all, people customarily gather around where the drinks and food can be found. This normally forces a lot of homeowners to consider updating the layout of their kitchens so as to accommodate their growing family. The kitchen might also have started to look a little tired, and hence requiring some revamping. By knowing what you want, you can change a dull, boring kitchen design into a masterpiece. Here are two kitchen design options you might want to consider.

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Antiques Can Have A Special Place In Your Kitchen Too!

From seasonal spices, to the latest recipes, to modern appliances, we all want to stay current when it comes to our cuisines and cooking space. Our kitchens are normally a place that contains just as much electronics and programming as the TV room or even in the latest vehicle.

But let’s not forget the class and comfort of the conventional, sturdy, and burgeoning designs of kitchenware of the yonder years, or even your love for your grandmother’s recipes. Integrating antique pieces into a contemporary kitchen is an effective and easy way to bring time-honored design and heart to your most used room. Antique kitchenware can easily be sourced online. Here are some kitchen design ideas you might want to consider for your newly acquired antiques.

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How Do You Tackle Kitchen Renovations In A Less Stressful Way?

Kitchen renovations are not the easiest of undertakings. Since they can be quite stressful, most homeowners prefer putting it off for years. They would rather endure poorly designed kitchens that they hate than put up with the remodeling inconveniences or hassle. Fortunately, here are some steps a homeowner can take to make the task a little bit easier and less stressful.

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How Much Will It Cost Me To Redesign My Kitchen?

A kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home for different reasons, from cooking to dining to hosting a gathering. Larger kitchens have also replaced the smaller varieties. Today, these come with conveniences such as larger cookers, stylish refrigerators, tasteful lighting, unique islands, larger sinks, and much more. Most homeowners have also picked up on the trending styles in kitchen design. But how much will it cost you to redesign your kitchen today?

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Home Renovation: 3 Questions To Ask About Factory And Onsite Finishes

When remodeling a kitchen or a bathroom, there are a number of things that need to be given due consideration. One of the most important among these things is the finish. The durability of the finish is a critical consideration, particularly where you don’t want the inconveniences of having to regularly look after it or even maintain your cabinetry every couple of years and having to endure the general household intrusion, paint smell, dust and sanding. If considering buying custom kitchen cabinetry, here three questions to ask your cabinetmaker, designer or contractor in regard to the finishing.

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Unique Kitchen Décor Styles To Opt For

Are you planning to modify the décor in your contemporary kitchen? Possibly, all your kitchen requires is a personality kick with a number of accent pieces. A beautifully crafted wooden bowl filled with fresh vegetables or fruits, or colorful pottery, or a new table runner might be all you require to brighten up your space. Simply put, you can totally change the feel and look of your kitchen with just a few well thought tweaks.

Unfortunately, the majority of homeowners are quite inexperienced when it comes to kitchen design projects. In this case, it is advisable to seek out the services of professional kitchen designers to help them out. Not only will these experts offer the best kitchen design ideas, they will also complete the entire project in the shortest time possible, and all within the set budget. Here are some design and décor ideas for inspiration.

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Kitchen Design: Top Reasons For Using Cellular Shades

Towards the end of your kitchen renovation, you might have to figure out the manner in which you will want to design your kitchen windows. If your wish is to focus on infrastructure will be worth the investment, then you should forget about the traditional curtains or blinds. By investing in cellular shades, you will be killing two birds with one stone by getting a good return on your investment and also treating your windows in style. Thus, if you are currently installing window shades in your home, do consider cellular shades because of their numerous advantages, unlike the usual mini-blinds, curtains and other such coverings. Here’s a look at the other benefits:

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