Antiques Can Have A Special Place In Your Kitchen Too!

From seasonal spices, to the latest recipes, to modern appliances, we all want to stay current when it comes to our cuisines and cooking space. Our kitchens are normally a place that contains just as much electronics and programming as the TV room or even in the latest vehicle.

But let’s not forget the class and comfort of the conventional, sturdy, and burgeoning designs of kitchenware of the yonder years, or even your love for your grandmother’s recipes. Integrating antique pieces into a contemporary kitchen is an effective and easy way to bring time-honored design and heart to your most used room. Antique kitchenware can easily be sourced online. Here are some kitchen design ideas you might want to consider for your newly acquired antiques.


Utilize antique vases as storage

Traditionally, vases are regarded as flower holders. However, if you put your mind it, they can be used in many other ways. For instance, give a new life to gorgeous antique vases by utilizing them to store small kitchen utensils such as spoons, knives, gadgets, etc. They are a convenient, distinct way to show off your love for old treasures.

Use antique ceramics and dishes as dining sets


While mostly mismatched, antique ceramic and dish sets offer an aesthetic, eccentric way to dine. Moreover, antique ceramics are a great window into the cultural delicacies and values of the times of yore. Refurbish some old family heirlooms or purchase some charming antique dishware online for a personalized and distinct dining collection.

Have antique fixtures installed for a dramatic effect

A quality antique fixture can do wonders for the lighting and overall mood in your kitchen. Although there are hundreds of great options for antique lighting online, in most cases old pieces require a bit of refurbishment and love.

Have antique furniture as accent pieces

Taking time to reflect on how you would like your kitchen decorated with antique pieces is definitely worthwhile. After all, your kitchen has to be somewhere you enjoy spending time in. If you have got kids, make sure it is attractive to them as well. This is a neat little trick to encourage them to help with the washing up.

Accenting with mismatched antique table sets and chairs greatly benefits the overall ambience of a kitchen. Accenting a corner with old antique cabinets or integrating different antique chairs or old desks for work space gives off a homey, well-rounded feel. This works particularly well in rustic-themed kitchens. However, it can also be complementary to the bolder contemporary kitchen designs.

All in all, antique counter tops, several different mismatched old appliances, and even backsplashes can be used to make the kitchen more inviting and warm, and hence pleasant to spend time in. Whatever your selected antique furniture, ensure to keep adequate space to move around the room. Make a small eating space in your kitchen by putting an island with several antique stools and table. To bright up the room even more, simply put up some colorful decorative antique accessories in select spots around your space or on the walls.

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