Basement Waterproofing in CT

Wet or Damp Basements

Wet or damp basements are a very common problem in CT and New England. Residential home foundations in Connecticut are of a crude source. The Idea was simple 200 years ago & the idea still remains the same. We simply dig a big hole in the dirt, put in a concrete or stone wall to hold up the house, and then we bury it. Never to give it a second thought again. The basement floor & walls are deep below the surface of the ground so that we can walk on a floor with out hitting your head on the 1st floor ceiling. Now if your basement has a water or flooding problem, it can be fixed. We can fix any basement water problem. There are products and procedures that will help prevent & temporarily stop the water problems, but they are just exactly that, temporary. The only way to permanently stop & prevent water from entering your homes foundation is to stop it from the OUTSIDE of the foundation and control it by excavating your yard.

Condensation in your Basement

Now, we must also not confuse a CONDENSATION problem with a WATER problem. Again, your foundation is deep in the ground.

  • Anything below 30" inches or more depth below the surface is going to condensate.
  • If the temperature outside is any warmer than the dirt surrounding your concrete foundation wall, it will condensate & create moisture.
  • Proof of this issue is very simple. Have you ever walked downstairs to your basement in the middle of summer only to be cooled by the basement air? Exactly. No different than walking outside in the summer with a cool refreshment in your hand only to have the glass saturate you with condensation

Dehumidifiers help solve this problem and you can see some quality dehumidifiers that we recommend here.

Aprilaire Dehumidifier 1850W

We recommend Aprilaire Dehumidifiers due to their quality and extensive warranty.

Condensation is a natural source and we can control that problem in your basement so that you can have a nice LIVING area in the basement of your house without the issues of mold developing in your finished basement. The answer to this problem is simple and effective. We can get condensation control though the use of permanently installed maintenance free dehumidifiers that are plumbed directly into your sewer drain. Now these dehumidifiers are only going to last so long, then they are going to need replacement in about 5 years or so.

Waterproof paint does NOT stop water and moisture problems

Now, while we're on the subject, lets solve this myth about magic waterproof paint or concrete paint to STOP water & moisture problems. That's the last thing I am going to recommend for you to do. That is a very bad idea from the word go. The only time anyone would want to water block your foundation is from the outside when it was built or if it was re-excavated to do it at that time. Now that coating on the outside foundation wall is for water blocking & moisture control. But it will not STOP condensation. If your foundation was water blocked when it was built, the very last thing you need is another moisture block on the inside of the wall, because that will TRAP moisture in the foundation with no place to go and only worsen the problem through the floors and other areas of the basement.

If you have a damp basement from moisture, there is NOTHING you're going to do about it except CONTROL it when it enters the foundation. It is a natural phenomenon, because your basement is BELOW ground. Your efforts will not beat mother nature at work. If you try to stop, you'll only make matters worse down the road in time. Dehumidifiers are the only answer to this problem, because they will HANDLE the moisture when it comes though the walls & floor and remove it. Now creating living space in your basement is very enjoyable, and has lots of uses. We too will use moisture resistant products in the event you have a problem before you get a chance to fix it, your repair costs are minimized, and your not replacing finished walls and floors.

Popular wall systems are not a cure-all solution

The 2 sided coin you probably weren't told about that is not advertised as popular as the product being sold.

* While the materials and design of the Owens Corning™ Basement Finishing System™ resist mold and mildew, the system cannot prevent or mitigate mold if the conditions necessary for mold growth otherwise exist in your basement.

What they are telling you in this claim is the fact you will never stop the moisture that penetrates your home, but their product will resist growth of mold & mildew by allowing moisture to pass through it, but what remains on the surface of the product that DIDN'T pass through the wall product MAY in fact eventually, have mold or mildew on it.

Their statement is protecting them from claims you may have against them in the future. The simple fact remains that you will never stop the moisture from penetrating your homes basement. Your only option is to CONTROL it when it does enter.

Yes Owens Corning wall systems is a good product for the simple reason it will not deteriorate when it gets damp or wet & allows MOISTURE to pass through it.. Any wall system that WILL NOT deteriorate is a suitable wall system for your basement wall choice.

Our systems are built with the De-humidification process behind the wall area so we have a better chance at grabbing as much moisture that we can so that it doesn't get a chance to start mold or mildew problems on any wall. The floor area is also integrated into the wall area where the moisture can be controlled at the same time.


Basement Finishing in Connecticut

Finished basements are a very good improvement for your home. It's like adding an addition to your house! There's always a reason for more space! This is a very lucrative space because of all the opportunities. Remodeled basements, maybe a wine cellar, living room, play room for the kids, hobby shop area, possibly another whole apartment!

Basement finishing will certainly add value to your home, and will almost always create preference over a home that does not have a finished basement. When we refinish a basement in your home, we go through a lot of procedures to make sure it is done correctly, so that you can enjoy your new space problem free for years to come and still have the important areas of the basement for access to all your mechanics and service. We deal with water proofing, water prevention, and most importantly, moisture control. Once we have these factors under control, then we can start building your finished basement!

Basement remodeling - Vented walls & floors

The key for a successful finished basement system is our custom built vented wall systems that allow us to dehumidify the BLANK SPACE between your two walls so that moisture doesn't stand a chance! Our goal is to vent the floors into our vented wall system so that the floors and walls work together for moisture control. Some basements will not allow this type of system. We don't always have a perfect basement to work with, but there are always other systems and procedures that will work effectively. We must also keep in mind the planning stages of your basement finish system so that your homes mechanical access is assessable without having to remove any of your finished walls for future work on other parts of your home.


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Looking for Basement Finishing ideas? Why not check out HGTV's website and take a look at their Basement photo gallery here. Your Basement finish is only limited by your budget and imagination; if you see something you like, we can probably replicate it for you!