CT Bathroom Vanity

Beautiful Bathroom Vanities Make a Difference

Are you ready to add a little luxury and beauty to your bathroom? Vanities are one of the first things to catch your eye, so why not bring that special handcrafted touch with a custom built bathroom vanity.

Our custom built bathroom vanities are second to none because they are well-built with top of the line materials right here in the USA. Everything we produce is constructed by hand by one of our highly skilled craftsman with years of experience.

You’ll never find concealed particle board, chip board, or laminates throughout any of our vanities. We use genuine ¾” cabinet grade plywood for the side panels, back plate, and shelving. Our frames, perfectly joined together by hand, consist of solid ¾” maple or polar hardwood to create premium durability. Our vanity doors consist of self-closing concealed hinges. Plus, our vanities feature full extension self-closing drawer boxes that are also constructed of true ¾” cabinet grade wood for outstanding durability. They will never break or fall apart… ever.

Once constructed, the vanities are off to the paint department for a full deep cycle paint job. The entire vanity is carefully painted inside, outside, underneath, and even behind so there is no chance for moisture or water damage. The final outcome is beautiful!

With Alan Dinsmoor Contract Services you are not being forced into a bathroom vanity that looks the same as those sold at every hardware store. You can choose the color of your vanity, paint or stained, along with your preferred height, width and depth. You can also choose your countertop, granite or marble, to be cut for an oval or rectangular sink. Then it’s fun to add your preferred faucet arrangements to create your very own masterpiece.

We don’t stop there, we can also custom make mirror frames, medicine cabinets, and more – all with the same outstanding durability – so be sure to present your full wish list and we’ll make it happen.

Our power comes with using old school techniques with hand tools and old school knowledge. It’s the very reason we have been around for over 30 years. So, if you’re looking for outstanding craftsmanship at competitive prices with a lifetime guarantee then give us a call or fill out the online form to request a quote.

Bathroom Remodeling in CT

Most of the time when we visit a home in CT that needs bathroom remodeling, the old bathroom is still working. It may not look very pretty, but for the most part, it is still functioning. Alan Dinsmoor Contracting Services has been providing bathroom remodeling & renovations for bathrooms like these for over 30 years. During that time we’ve worked on many homes both young and old to deliver the perfect bathroom for each homeowner and their budget.

Today’s building materials for bathroom remodeling in CT are wide and plentiful. There are literally hundreds of products to choose from when remodeling or renovating your bathroom. Is Home Depot or Lowes a good place to shop for materials? Of course they can be. Large box stores have significant buying power on a national basis. You’ll never get a better price for most products than at these super stores. What you don’t see on the shelf, they can order for you. Here’s where the trouble begins… it takes two to three weeks to get it. Then there’s a high probability, that when you do finally receive your products, they will be damaged. We’ve seen this hundreds of times. They will re-order your product, give you a sincere apology, and be on their way. Another 2-3 weeks go by, and hopefully you get your product or products undamaged.

A reputable bathroom contractor in CT will have a steady and reliable source for bathroom products for your bathroom remodeling project, primarily at local plumbing supply stores. Most local plumbing supply stores have a good stock on hand. On rare occasion, we get damaged products from them as well. The difference is, they have more in stock for a quick replacement. These plumbing supply stores are designed for professional bathroom remodeling contractors in CT and rarely sell to the public.

Most bathroom remodeling or renovation jobs in CT will cost between $8,500 to $14,000. The cost difference depends on the materials we use, and what we’re putting into your bathroom remodeling project. Some bathrooms will have a standard tub / shower unit and others will have stand alone shower stall. Some CT bathrooms we install  have a very exotic toilet and others are designed with budget in mind.

Vanities are always a big cost depending on the size and quality of the unit. Alan Dinsmoor Contracting Services offers our very own line of custom built vanities which are available in any color, size, wood species and function that you like. Granite tops with undermount sinks are standard with our vanities.

Valve arrangement in your tub or shower will certainly affect your cost. We can supply you with a standard shower valve and trim kit for a budget price or go with something above.

Heated radiant floors have come a long way in the building industry. They are designed to last a lifetime, problem free, and at a reasonable cost. They must however, be professionally installed. They are also a perfect choice for bathrooms in Connecticut. In late fall, winter & early spring, you’ll appreciate the toasty warm floors on the bottom of your feet. These new systems on the market today can replace whatever heat you already have in the bathroom. It’s a great upgrade that you’ll appreciate year after year.

Whether you’re looking for a budget bathroom or an exotic bathroom, with Alan Dinsmoor Contracting Services it’s going to have the same warranty. Just because you chose a bathroom on a budget doesn’t mean it won’t perform as long as the expensive bathroom. We only use the best possible products so you never have to worry about cheap products being installed in your bathroom.

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