Kitchen Countertops in Connecticut

Granite is the number one choice for kitchen counter tops and because of the quantity & availability, granite is now very affordable. There are all different grade stones available at different costs. The higher the quality of stone, the higher the price. This makes it very easy for the consumer to choose and afford a granite counter top.


Now I have seen pricing as low as $19.00 dollars a square foot, $24.00, $29.00 and so on.

Most of the time, those prices are attention getters. By the time they get done charging you for radius cuts, cut outs for sinks and stoves, profiles, your new price is where everybody else's prices are. Most counter tops will cost you about $40.00 per square foot for a level one stone installed.

Now here's what most granite counter top manufactures do. They will lay the burden on you to removing the old counter top so that they can do their template. Most of the time, your existing back splash will need to be removed in order to get your old countertop out. Again, most times, your back splash wall area will need to be repaired because the old back splash was adhered to your old wall. After the template is done, they may be back in one 1 week to install it after it has been manufactured. Now, after the counter top is installed, your now stuck finding a plumber to hook up your new sink, and someone to tile the back splash.

This is where Alan Dinsmoor Contracting Services come through for you. We carry level one & level two stone samples for you to see along with a stainless steel sink brochure so that picking a sink is simple! We take it from there!

Your only dealing with one contractor, Alan Dinsmoor Contracting Services. We'll handle the removal of your old countertop and level the cabinets in preparation of the new countertops. After your new granite is installed, we will hook up your new sink & get right to work on your new back splash.

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