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As a homeowner, you probably know a roof installation can be a taxing line item in your budget. Fortunately, Alan Dinsmoor Contracting Services offers competitive rates and a team of professionals who have over 40-years of experience at your side.  Our roofing systems are extremely effective, reliable and durable.

Your roof is your home’s main defense against harsh and damaging weather, so it’s important that it remains in the best possible condition. That’s especially true for CT roofs given all the different types of weather we experience each year. Storms here can sometimes dump over 2 feet of snow (or rain) and produce damaging hail or high winds. So if you notice missing or broken shingles, water leaks (no matter how small) or other signs your roof is not doing its job, it’s best to get a full evaluation right away.

We guarantee a leak proof roofing project at an affordable price.

We offer a free NEXT DAY roofing estimate, so you have nothing to lose. Call (203) 910-5005 or fill out the simple form to learn more.

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Lifetime Roofing System Guaranteed

We know you are dedicated to your home and we want you to know Alan Dinsmoor Contracting is dedicated to your customer satisfaction. That’s why we guarantee a lifetime warranty on our workmanship. Our roofing contractors CT deliver the kind of quality craftsmanship you can count on.

Alan Dinsmoor roofs will:

  • Maintain your property value
  • Improve the appearance of your home
  • Protect your framing and sheathing
  • Protect your insulation
  • Prevent ceiling damage
  • Prevent mold build-up

Within a few days of your initial contact we will have a quote in-hand, so don’t wait and leave your home vulnerable to any of these potential risks.

Contact us at (203) 910-5005 or fill out the form below to get in touch to learn more.


Connecticut Roof Installation

Alan Dinsmoor Contracting has been installing CT roofs for over 40-years and we always complete a quality job on time. We have a highly skilled, fully insured and certified roofing team.

Our roofing service is fast and proficient and our rates are some of the most affordable in Connecticut. Most roofing projects will be completed in 2-3 days so you can get back to your comfortable standard of living. For the best roofing contractors in CT, call ADCS.

  • We use Gaf products, a leading roofing manufacturer in North America
  • We offer a variety of shingle styles including asphalt, tile and more (to meet any budget)
  • We can install on any roof pitch
  • We offer a variety of shingle colors

Let our experts help you choose the best solution for your home, for your budget, and most importantly for your peace of mind.

Best Roofing Contractors in CTA Quality Roofing System is a Must

The more you know the better.

Every home in the world has some type of roof or roofing system designed to keep the water out of your home. Roofs have a big job ahead of them, and they are expected to last at a minimum of 30 years without failing under the element of the sun, snow and ice, hi winds, etc. We live in Connecticut and we have the four seasons to look forward to and so does your roof. There are many different roof systems and styles for you to choose from, and a good roofing project always looks super sharp when they are completed.

The roof’s biggest enemy is heat. Summertime heat in New England can commonly reach 80 to 90 degrees or higher. This seemingly harmless summer day will transfer and add up those temps to well past 140 degrees in your attic space. If you have a dark colored roof like black, your roof will always absorb higher heat levels of that than of a white, gray or light brown roof. Most of the time, regardless of what color roof you choose for your home, they should have no trouble dealing with the high heat levels the sun emits. Dark colored roofs will always make your attic hotter in the summer months forcing your air conditioner to work extra hard to cool your house down. Darker roofs will help in the winter months to help unwanted snow to melt even quicker than that of a lighter colored one. Just the opposite happens with a light colored roof in the summer and winter months.

The absolute best roofing system is an insulated vented roof system.

This type of roof system is a vented roof with a layer of isopropyl insulation board underneath it. This system allows the roof to vent all by itself. It will never transfer heat to your attic area, and it will never have an ice damn or icicle on it. It is an expensive roofing system and once it is installed, it will last the lifetime of the home.

Roofing Contractors at DuskBest Roofing Company in Connecticut

Your roofing system is something you must secure at all times. This is your only way to have stability and security in the confines of your home. However, not everything can be done by you. Most roofing jobs require professional attention. Thus, it pays to know your option with roofing companies, especially if you live in the CT area.

Through time, man has devised an array of ways to deal with different materials to build roofs, each with its own strong and weak points relative to conditions of weather and area restrictions. These are what roofing companies know best.

Roofing contractors often do three R’s in roofing:

1. Renew

Roofing contractors can be relied upon when it comes to installing new shingles. They are considered as experts in putting a new cap for a structure.

2. Repair

Roofing contractors also help to correct any structural problems and to make things safe.

3. Remodel

If able to fix the damage, roofing contractors install additional add-ons to keep any other damage from occurring.

Damages on your roof won’t generally happen drastically all at one time. It is a slow process, but you will be spending thousands of dollars if you continue to try to save money. The reason is if you hire a roofing contractor, you will be able to determine whether your roof already needs to have a repair or whether you already need to replace it or not. Keep in mind that the damages on your roof can worsen over time, and if you are going to take drastic actions, you will be able to minimize the amount that you need to spend.

If you find small damage on your roof, it is better to contact a roofing contractor immediately. You should never think that hiring a contractor immediately is a waste of money because waiting for months or even years could result in bigger repairs. Just make sure that you will be hiring a reputable contractor such as Alan Dinsmoor Contracting Services so you can be assured that you will get the best service possible.

A professional contractor like ADCS will always provide you with an estimate to help you make your budget. If the contractor is very vague about giving you an estimate then your budget might shoot up as the process of raw material rise with the passage of time. You should also not keep the contractor on a daily wage basis as they might stretch the time in order to get more money. A good roofing contractor CT will conduct an onsite estimate in order to decide the cost of the entire contract at once.