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We love to paint, and we've been doing it for over 40-years! Painting is usually the final task during a construction phase, and it's always satisfying to watch a room come together with the right color combinations. We offer full service interior painting, including many types of faux finishes. Our Connecticut painters will also hand-paint much of our custom-built cabinetry.

A genuine antique raised panel wall was adjacent to this kitchen, and the homeowner wanted the kitchen to exactly match this existing wall. As you can see below, we hand-painted the new wood to give it an incredible antiqued look that is indistinguishable from the original wall.

We can give your CT home or place of business a fresh new look or the appearance of a well-weathered antique. The choice is yours—it's all possible with paint and quality CT painters from Alan Dinsmoor Contracting Services!


This is where it all started for Alan Dinsmoor Contracting Services!

I learned how to paint when I was just 8 years old. I was fortunate enough to have had a great grandfather who was a general contractor. He hired me and my brother during our summer breaks in grammar school to work with him painting homes and doing other trades. He taught me almost everything I know. By the time I was 16 years old, I had received my driver’s license and he was sending me and my brother out alone to perform painting jobs and other trades for his customers. When I turned 19 years old my great grandfather passed on, but he left his tremendous legacy with all of us.

Back in 1982, I formed a painting company called Thames Valley Painting Inc. located in Niantic Connecticut. In 1984, we were one of the largest painting contractors in Connecticut having employed over 20 men full-time for 11 years consistently. During the 80's building boom I was so busy it was hard to keep up. I was on 2 radio stations 3 times a day, looking for qualified painters to work with our team. I soon realized that even if we did have more painters working with us, we could not handle any more work. It was just impossible to duplicate my efforts and maintain quality within my company. When the building boom declined and the housing market plummeted, we managed to stay in business doing all the other trades my great grandfather taught us.

Our roots run deep in our family, having generations of experience in the building trades. I am now 53 years old in 2018 and I still love painting, and I always will. When I work, it just feels like therapy to me!

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