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Kitchen Remodeling and Refacing in CT

If you've come here, chances are you are looking to change up the look or structure of your kitchen. You are probably looking for a quality remodel but also one that doesn't break the bank. Luckily, you've come to the right place. We service all counties in CT.

Alan Dinsmoor Contracting has over 35 years of kitchen refacing and remodeling experience at your side. Whether you are looking for a modern kitchen, classic, vintage or traditional, we have you covered. We can help you design the kitchen of your dreams from planning stages all the way through completion.

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Kitchen Refacing Before & After

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Kitchen refacing in CT can be very rewarding. Kitchen refacing is NOT what it used to be in the 70's where a company would come in a re-laminate your doors an drawer fronts. Today's standards are quite different. If you have solid sound cabinetry existing in your home now, chances are good that they are good candidates for refacing.

When we reface your kitchen we replace all the old doors, drawer fronts and draw boxes with new ones. Additionally, lets say you want to add on to your existing cabinets or create a island; maybe install a newer, larger refrigerator; add an over the stove microwave oven or install a double wall oven. The list is long and very exciting. Just because you're refacing your cabinets doesn't mean you're restricted in anyway to modify the existing kitchen.

Kitchen Refacing in CT is Very Cost Effective

When a good kitchen refacing project is complete it will look better than newly installed cabinets! There is no limit to the designs & color changes to your kitchen cabinets. Most refacing projects can be completed in just 2 days depending on what is being done. Refacing your kitchen in CT is a very wise choice if your cabinets are in good shape, because the cost is greatly reduced to as much as 50% of that of replacing your cabinets.


Remodeling your kitchen can be one of the most rewarding remodel decisions you can ever make to your home. Deciding to remodel your kitchen can be very exciting during the planning stages. There are many decisions to make and there is generally no limit to what you can do with your kitchen remodel. In this section of contracting, a good contractor will work closely with the CT homeowner in making these decisions

35+ Years of Kitchen Remodeling Experience

Alan Dinsmoor will walk you through every step of the way so that your kitchen remodel project runs as smoothly & efficiently as possible. Renovation contractors in Connecticut are required to meet certain criteria to maintain local and State of Connecticut codes. With this factor in mind, a good contractor will know what you can and cannot do, as to eliminate any mistakes along the planning stages of your remodel project. Kitchens account for up to 20 to 35% of the value of your home, depending on size & quality of your kitchen.

When you have us working on your kitchen remodel, you have a Master Carpenter with 35+ years of experience on your side (plenty of references available upon request.)

We will work together to make sure you get EXACTLY what you envision your kitchen to be, and if you aren't totally sure what you are looking for we can help you in the design process to make sure you get not only a beautiful kitchen, but a functional one as well!

Remodeling Contractors

We service all counties in CT. We have done many refacing and remodeling jobs on kitchens in towns like Fairfield, Greenwich, Westport, Wilton and Darien. No matter what town you live in, we can provide kitchen remodeling and refacing services at a high level. Some examples of counties we service are Fairfield County, Hartford County, New Haven County, Litchfield County and more.

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35 Years of Experience at your side

The kitchen is an essential part of the home since a lot of time is spent in this space. As such, the kitchen needs to be a lovely space that will work as a haven of tranquillity and functionality. Over time, kitchens get tired in terms of themes and effectiveness. When it gets to this point, it is important to consider kitchen remodeling or refacing. This is a home improvement process that may eventually increase the value of the home if it is done right. With that in mind, hiring a professional kitchen remodeling service is the best option in comparison to DIY.

The main thing is to ensure that you hire a credible contractor by getting referrals from friends and family, and conducting extensive research on potential companies. We are confident that our company will make it to the list of the best remodeling companies in Connecticut. With the expert services of a professional contractor, you will realize a number of benefits.

Experienced contractors

We have a team of professional contractors and kitchen designers that will give you the kitchen of your dreams. These professionals have been in the home remodeling industry for over 30 years hence they have are extremely experienced. 

Expert advice

Our team of professionals will offer you expert advice that will go a long way into getting your ideal kitchen. For starters, we discuss with the homeowner in order to get an idea of what they envision for their future kitchen. Next, we take your ideas and map them out on the model of your current kitchen in order to determine how well the ideas work. We then offer a couple of design options that will complement your initial ideas, your taste and preferences and the overall functionality of your kitchen.

Cost-effective service

One of the best benefits of hiring an expert kitchen remodeling service is the cost effective nature of the project. A professional contractor knows the exact details of the project hence he/she will know the approximate cost of the project. As such, you will make decisions based on actual costs that will enable you to determine what to change, the materials to use and the intensity of the remodeling project. This is quite contrary to a DIY project where you go in blind and accumulate costs as the project goes along.

The money saving aspect also arises from the fact that professional remodeling tends to take a shorter time than DIY. The contractors come up with a strict work schedule that entails the type of project to be undertaken every day and the expected life of the project. Time is money and the shorter the working time, the cheaper the project.

Our company promises you the above benefits and so much more including precise attention to detail and development of amazing kitchen themes that will blend or highlight the rest of your home. When carrying out a kitchen remodeling ct project, customer satisfaction is our biggest priority. As such, we come up with a plan that will fit into your space, budget and style. We have basic remodeling concepts that tend to give the project an outline.

Working triangle

Any kitchen has a working triangle which entails the distance between the sink, the cooking range, and the fridge since these are the most commonly used items at any time. The working triangle in a kitchen needs to be highly functional and convenient. The most efficient design for a working triangle is an equilateral triangle. This means that the distance between these three items should be equal in order to reduce walking time. Less walking time between the three items results in more working time in terms of cooking and cleaning.


The type of lighting in a kitchen makes a huge difference. Traditionally, kitchens had one source of light at the centre, which meant that some parts of the kitchen were not well lit while others received too much light. Modern kitchen remodeling trends advocate for the use of non-eccentric lighting such as recessed lights. Recessed lights are beautiful and functional. These lights are often placed at regular intervals on the ceiling of the kitchen. They tend not to be too bright and without glare hence lighting up the room with a warm ambience.

Additionally, you may install mirrors in strategic areas of the room in order to create the illusion of space when the natural and artificial light bounce off the reflective surface.

Kitchen Cabinetry

The cabinetry in a kitchen is important since it is the main storage space and it highlights the feel of the room. Ensure that you choose cabinets that have enough storage capacity to store food items and utensils. You may opt to have some open shelves in order to create an illusion of space if you have a small kitchen.

In the event that your current cabinets are sufficient in terms of structure, refacing may be the best way to go. Refacing saves you money that would have otherwise been used to install brand new cabinets. 

Statement pieces

We often advise our customers to have a statement piece in their kitchen. The most favorable statement pieces are the countertops and the stove. Statement countertops come in the form of granite or marble, which are the most beautiful and functional materials for a kitchen. However, these materials may cost you an arm. As such, consider installing laminate countertops which often have granite designs.

Stainless steel appliances blend into any kitchen theme hence you should install a stainless steel fridge, microwave, dishwasher and cooking range. The stove may take centre stage by having a hood. The hood improves ventilation in the kitchen while cooking and also acts as the statement piece.

The above information entails the basic elements of kitchen remodeling. Upon commencement of the project, we will include you and your input every step of the way. Contact us for the chance to change your life with a dream kitchen.