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If you've come here, chances are you are looking to change up the look or structure of your home. You are probably looking for a quality remodel or addition but also one that doesn't break the bank. Luckily, you've come to the right place. We service all counties in CT.

Alan Dinsmoor Contracting has only top rated contractors with over 35 years of home renovation experience at your side. Whether you are looking for something simple or a full blown renovation or addition added to your home, we have you covered. We can help you from the planning stages all the way through completion.

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Home Additions

We offer a broad range of service for your home or office building. If you have the imagination, our architectural engineers will make it a reality.

Most additions need some form of detail describing the construction, design and build techniques. Most of all, how much will it cost? Well thought out planning is the key to understanding cost and on time completion of any construction project.

Our engineering team knows building codes and practices so you can trust our team to design, blue print the plan and build. You will see the job complete on a blue print before we start construction. We accept the hard more difficult challenges where others simply say they can’t do it, or something can’t be done. You’ll experience that problem solving is just one of our specialties.


Major Renovations

When renovating or adding on, our engineered blue print service is just what you need to see your project complete before we ever start construction. Not all projects will require our engineers or blue prints.

Most town or city building departments will require some detailed form of blue print, or plan of what the job description is going to be.

Structural integrity is always of the utmost importance. Renovations can be minor to major. If your thinking about expanding any room in the house and your planning on removing walls, it’s important to know just exactly how to do that so that the structural integrity is not compromised. Mechanicals also come into play when doing renovations if your removing walls with electrical or plumbing hiding inside the wall areas.

We have done many remodeling and renovation projects throughout Connecticut, and you'll benefit from the versatility of out expertise to help you get the most out of your remodel or renovation project. Remodeling, renovating, or adding an addition to your CT home is always a rewarding project when it is completed. Whether or not you need to perform these projects or purely for pleasure. We can help you in your decisions & planning ideas so that you get the best possible job for your investment.

We'll handle the entire project from start to finish. You will deal with me and only me, so that your not burdened  to contact or schedule other contractors to complete your project. Sheet rocking & taping. Full interior trim works to trim out the entire project. Painting; we love to paint! We work with many heating & air conditioning companies as well as electricians & plumbers, depending on your location, to get you the best mechanical contractor for your project.

We have proven roofing systems that are guaranteed to never leak. Insulation techniques to help save you money and keep you warm in those winter months & keep you cool in the summer heat. Windows and doors for the best energy efficient units available for your renovation or remodel project. Siding innovations to make the whole project look fabulous.

There’s just no exception for experience in this field. Again, you’ll find that experience here at Alan Dinsmoor’s Contracting Services.


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Engineered Blue Print Designs

A blue print is the engineered architectural plan on paper that shows exactly what the project is about. It contains a wealth of information that can be used by anyone who is capable of reading blue prints.

As long as the construction is being followed to the engineers plan, there is little chance for error.

This is why we need blue prints. Some projects will require certified engineering plans & stamp of approval for building practices. Most projects that need permitting by the town or city will require blue prints or depending on the scope of work of the projects, some form of detail, known as a detail specification sheet, explaining the procedure the plan will need to get the job done.

Architectural designs are designed by architects, whom most are not engineers. Our engineers are architectural engineers.

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Engineering Services

Fixing an existing problem?  Our engineers are just what your looking for should you have an existing problem.  Need to move your home? Raise it back up? Is it sinking into the soft ground near a shore line?  Removing or relocating walls ?  No matter what the problem is, rest assured we will handle any project your thinking  about doing.

From building, to adding on, raising up dwellings, etc.. once again , we would like to express our confidence, we are here for you.

Concrete, steel, or wood, our answer and your solution is here.

Engineered Services Connecticut

Engineered Construction

Engineered construction is exactly how it sounds. It’s any project were working on or planning and  you can be assured that everything is backed by licensed, insured professionals with years of experience behind us.

A well engineered thought out project will save you money on any project. Simply because we strive to makes things right the first time. The reason we can make it right the first time is because we have been in the field for over 35 years. This is simply the best service you can get.

Engineered Construction CT


It’s our pleasure for a free initial consultation. During an consultation, we will discuss your needs, and basic pricing to help generate a budget.

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