6 Bathroom Design Tips to Accommodate The Visually Impaired

Many of us who have normal eyesight usually take for granted our ability to use the bathroom unassisted. However, this space is usually one of the most dangerous areas for those who are visually impaired. If your loved ones are partially blind (also known as partially sighted), making them feel safe and comfortable in your house is very important. Thus, you can incorporate some of the below remodeling tips for your bathroom to make it safer for them.

Using bright colors

This happens to be among the easiest ways you can make your bathroom safer. By choosing vibrant blues, yellows, reds, or other colors for your paint or wallpaper in addition to covering your toilet with a colored lid and using brightly colored shower sets can go a long way in helping those partially sighted individuals see some of the key features in your bathroom.

Installing LED lights


Another way you can make it safer for the visually impaired is by installing LED lights around the bathroom, especially bathtub and toilet, and also under the cabinets. This is because LED lights tend to be brighter than usual lighting and can be seen easily by those who are visually impaired. They will be able to make out the main areas of the bathroom and also the countertops when you use this type of lighting.

Using soft flooring

By having lush carpets or rubber mats, you will be offsetting the risk that can arise if they fall on the hard surface of the bathroom flooring. Alternatively, if you decide to install a carpet, then you should use a style that will not catch or snag on their feet, making them fall.

Installing a low toilet and a walk-in tub

Usually, people without good eyesight often find it difficult to get into tubs with high sides and sit on highly elevated toilets. By using these alternative fixtures, you will be making it easier for your loved ones to use the bathroom unaided.

Installing safety bars

This is another simple tip which you can use in your bathroom. Installing safety bars which have a sturdy grip will help your loved one get off the toilet or out from the tub and also prevent them from falling.

Installing motion detector lighting

To make the bathroom even safer, you can install motion detector lights which can turn on the lights when your loved ones enter the room and off when they leave the bathroom. This is because the person may find it hard to spot the switch when they want to use the bathroom. Thus, the motion detector will be able to do this job for them and relieve them of the hard task of trying to switch on the lights.

By incorporating some or all of the above tips for bathroom designs, you will be making the lives of your loved ones easier and more comfortable. They will not need that much assistance to use this special space and will actually feel more empowered that at least there is something that they can do on their own in the house.

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